I love playing with new toys. It’s kind of an addiction. When it comes to productivity tools, there are so many options that it can be difficult to choose. I’ve had this problem with project management software, and I’ve had this problem with email tracking tools.

But I recently kicked the email tracking software hopping habit. I was an active user of Bananatag when I was first looking for a tool, and then I moved on to Sidekick by Hubspot. Afterward, I moved back to Bananatag and then switched to MixMax.

Overall, I’ve seen my sales close rates increase by at least 75% by just adding these tools to the mix. The reason why? Knowing how many times a prospect has read your email or clickedthrough a link gives you direct insight into interest. If a prospect opens an email 17 times, then chances are they’re interested in your services. This lets you quickly craft follow-ups specifically for them.

What I loved about Bananatag


Bananatag email tracking


Simplicity. It tracked my emails and did it well. It also had one of the key features I wanted – email scheduling. This made it easy for me to set follow-up emails, and track A|B email tests. Definitely, recommend Bananatag as a simple email tracking tool that you can install and forget about. But as much as I liked Bananatag, I still wanted more.

Why I Switched to MixMax


First, there was nothing wrong with Bananatag. I made the switch purely out of preference. MixMax had all of the things I loved about Bananatag, but added some other cool tools. Just like Bananatag, I could install MixMax and forget about it, but the UI was a little more to my liking. The added features are what really won me over. Being able to send emails with embedded surveys, polls, and calendar invites was clutch for me.



In terms of their impact on sales, both MixMax and Bananatag had the same results. The major difference for me was in time saved through calendaring and internal communications. MixMax polls and surveys make it easy to ask questions to your team and get quick feedback that is collected through a centralized system, and the calendar feature removed back and forth emails to set meeting times for all parties involved. You wouldn’t expect to utilize the surveys and polls often, but I found myself using them more and more. If I needed my team to choose between two landing page designs, then I could send the images and ask them to click a button on the poll signaling which one they liked more. It resulted in much higher engagement rates from my team and faster response times.

MixMax vs Bananatag: who wins?


It depends on what you want. If all you need is email tracking and scheduling, then Bananatag is a good option. Me, I prefer MixMax. I think they have stronger functionality and I prefer the UI. The calendar scheduling is a can’t-miss feature for me, as it makes it that much easier to schedule meetings with prospects. They both have free options, so I suggest trying them out and seeing which works best for you.