Since employer branding became a “thing”, countless businesses have done everything that can to outdo each other. One company offers Unlimited PTO, the next offers that plus Nap Pods at the office.

However, one of my favorite perks that companies started to offer were Gym/Fitness Stipends to pay for your wellness. I always thought this was an incredibly valuable perk, as it shows a company’s want for you to have a good work/life balance and healthy lifestyle. After all, we spend so many hours at work, screwing up our posture, they should invest in the health of their employees — Right?

But then companies tried to go bigger and better again, offering full-scale onsite gyms at the workplace. That’s pretty crazy — don’t you think?

Below is a list of some of the companies with onsite gyms that encourage you to workout at the workplace.

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Companies with Onsite Gyms at the Workplace


The Genentech gym, or “Club Genentech” as they call it, is a fully stocked gym with free acai bowls!

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As a fitness brand, you’d expect TRX to have a pretty kickass workplace gym. The onsite TRX gym features all of the latest TRX equipment, personal training courses and more.

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SAS Institute

Not only are the recognized as the Best Place to Work, but SAS has an amazing gym and fitness programs daily at work. Keeping employees healthy and engaged is clearly a priority for this company.

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General Mills

The General Mills HQ features a gym at the workplace and what I can assume is a never ending supply of Honey Nut Cheerios.

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Put them right up there with Google, Facebook is known for some awesome perks. But how does their gym hold up? Well, it features two full rooms of well-maintained machines, weight equipment, and even a third room for free fitness classes! Hell, they even have a rock wall outside and fields for team sports.

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Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants

Not all Kimptons are created equal. But some of the gyms they have at their hotels worldwide are just incredible.

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Red Ventures

Employees at Red Ventures have a pretty great setup. A complete onsite gym, workplace basketball court, onsite bowling alley, and a health center.

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We love gyms, but we love gyms with some character more. Zappos took an old city jail and converted it to a gym decorated in prison style.

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Verizon Wireless

Verizon has over 30 onsite gyms across the country, and even offer health care screenings, discounted weight loss programs and more.

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I bet you didn’t expect to see Chick-Fil-A on this list did you?  Chick-Fil-A has a complete wellness center, think weights, machines, cardio equipment galore. Oh, and they have a rooftop basketball court.
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MindBody provides software for the wellness industry. They provide an onsite fitness center and wellness programs to drive home their core values of wellness of : mind, body and spirit.
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95% of people probably don’t even know what Weebly does (they provide a website building platform), but that hasn’t stopped them from providing their employees with a pretty amazing gym.
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Honeywell employees cursh it at the office and at the gym with a fully stocked weight and cardio center at their multiple office locations.

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Rodale Inc.

You may not recognize the name, but Rodale is the owner of popular magazines like “Men’s Fitness.” They have an entire training center called the Rodale Energy Center that features full weight machines, cardio, spin classes and more.

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When it came to an onsite fitness center, ExxonMobil spared no expense. They provide employees with a 130,000 square foot Wellness Center with a three-story glass atrium, basketball court, fitness center, personal training service, and healthy dining service.

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When I think of Herbalife, the first I think of is a pyramid scheme. But besides their often controversial form of “Direct Selling,” they also have a great gym at the workplace for their employees.

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Apple is known for providing their employees with some great perks. Workplace gyms are just one of many perks that they offer their employees.

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It should be a standard for performance brands like Reebok to provide great workplace gyms. The UFC sponsor spares no expense in giving employees a great onsite fitness option.

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Under Armour

Just like Reebok, Under Armour provides an amazing workplace fitness center.

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What do you think of our list? Are we missing any offices with sweet gyms? Let us know in the comments below!