Recently, I’ve been talking to several startup founders who all had the same problem: no clear plan or strategy for sales and marketing. While putting together an overall strategy and the marketing automation to support sales can be pretty complicated, getting the base-level structure is simple.

Here’s an example Simplified One Page Strategic Plan for a made up Taco Startup in San Francisco.

Example One Page Strategic Plan


  • To support and fill the stomachs of  Bay Area residents through delicious tacos made from organic, free-range meats.

Core Values

  •  Edgy, in your face, transparency, honesty, fun


  • Bay Area residents, specifically young urban professionals, and foodies.

Brand Promise

  • Our tacos will be the most delicious and Instagrammable

Elevator Pitch

  • We provide the most delicious tacos in the entire Bay Area, featuring 14 hour smoked brisket and carnitas, Texas style sausage, and a world famous breakfast taco. All of our tortillas are made in house with the finest ingredients — everything is organic and free-range.

3 Year Target

  • Sell 1,000,000 breakfast tacos and feed several thousand Bay Area residents.

Annual Goals

  • Revenue
  • Net Operating Income
  • Yelp / Facebook / Google / Trip Advisor Ratings
  • Social Media Followers

Quarterly Goals

  • Total Revenue
  • Instagram Followers/Revenue
  • Yelp rating

Quarterly Priority Projects

  • Creation of weekly Taco specials menu
  • New outdoor patio
  • Weekly live music events

For the annual and quarterly goals, there would be a table with four columns: goal name, start value (e.g. $0), current value (e.g. $150,000), and target value (e.g. $1,000,000) as every goal should be SMART. Everything else should be pretty straightforward.

This One Page Strategic Plan is one of my favorite worksheets as it ties everything together. The simplified one page worksheet brings vision, accountability, and alignment for every member of the company. If you needed a single document to start from, then this is it.