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Build and Engage Your Target Audience on Medium

We help you create content that engages your audience and drives visibility to your brand on Medium. We prepare content based on your ideas, implement SEO best practices, and help you promote the content.

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Positive Brand Building On Medium

Our team has experience creating content across all industries. We promise that when you use our on-demand writing services for Medium, you won’t have to worry about: outsourced writers, terrible quality, or fluff pieces that provide no value to your audience.

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Article Promotion

We don’t just write an article and leave you to the wolves. As part of our Medium content services, we actively promote your article for 30 days after it’s published. You’ll see a number of visitors come to read your article without having to lift a finger.

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frequently asked marketing questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Medium Writing Services

  • How much does your on-demand content cost? $350 per Medium article.
  • What’s your turnaround time? Once we receive the specifications for the content, we typically have a first draft in your inbox within 72 hours.
  • How many words are in your Medium Articles? We provide content at a flat rate with word count at 800+ words. We set the minimum at 800 words because studies show that articles over 750 words are ranked better for SEO and are more engaging for readers. However, our writers tend to go with the flow, so don’t be surprised if your content exceeds 800 words.
  • Do I have to cite Digital Astronauts as the author?  Absolutely not! We’re here to build your brand, not ours. Our content for Medium is completely ghostwritten and meant to help you promote yourself.
  • How do you help promote my Medium article? After you publish your article, then we send it out through our content network and the people in our database who are interested in your particular topic to increase your number of views.

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