content marketing services in austin, tx

Build Trust. Build Traffic. Build Revenue.

Content marketing is the future of online marketing.  It’s the creation of high-value content that appeals to both website visitors and search engines. However, content marketing isn’t as simple as writing a few blog posts and publishing them on your social media profiles. Take it from us — content marketing requires a plan that maximizes each stage of the buyer lifecycle. Our content marketing focuses on three distinct areas that maximize the buyer lifecycle.

  • Traffic Generation – Our first priority for new content marketing clients is to attract as many visitors as we can using infographics, blog posts and other content types.  This provides our content marketing experts with the data they need to create additional high-value content.
  • Audience Engagement – Once we build initial traffic we focus on continuing to engage your visitors. We analyze all of the data from previous content to see which releases had your audience most engaged, and could be attributed to the greatest contribution in revenue.
  • Conversions and Profits – Once we’ve built you an engaged audience, we then take to the focus to driving revenue. Using our content marketing strategy we build articles, blogs, videos, and whitepapers that push prospects into paying customers.

Our Content Marketing Services

Whether you’re looking to build a local following or global visibility, we’ve created content marketing strategies to meet and exceed our clients goals.

Our Content Marketing Experts Can Help You With:

  • Detailed Content Analysis and Competitive Gap Research
  • Infographic and Image Creation
  • Animated Marketing Videos
  • Ghostwritten On-Demand Content
  • Internal Link Development (Helps Boost SEO!)
  • Social Promotion and Marketing Strategies
  • Maximum Search Engine Exposure
  • Ongoing and Consistent Blog Management
  • Dedicated Content Marketing Experts
content marketing in austin, tx
frequently asked marketing questions

Frequently Asked SEO Questions

  • How long does it take to see results from content marketing? Clients typically start to see results at around the 6 month mark, but depending on the industry it’s possible to see results earlier.
  • We already do some blogging how would you include this in your strategy? All of our content marketing services are tailored for your business. If you already blog, then we help you create a strategy to maximize the effectiveness of each one of your posts.
  • What’s the point of all this ‘content marketing’?  Modern SEO requires more than just link building and keywords. It’s the most educational and valuable content that rises above the rest, and we implement content strategies that will help you get there. The result — more traffic, more engaged visitors, and more revenue.

What Our Customers Say

“Digital Astronauts gave us the tools we needed to successfully relaunch our website and build a strong online presence using an in-depth content strategy. They took the time to understand our target customer and build content that hit them at each stage of the buyer’s lifecycle. We are impressed by just how rapidly we were able to see real, measurable results.”

Kirsten S. –  VP of Marketing, Work4

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